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Welcome! I am Liberty the Pig and living proof that anything is possible in our wonderful land. You see, a short time ago, I was an orphan, frightened and chased by coyotes, but now I have a wonderful home and family, a career in tourism, and my own book!

This is the cover of the book that tells my story...

The story in my book is TRUE...here are the real life locations featured in my story.


In 2005, the world's only statue of Abraham Lincoln and a pig was erected on the Christian County Courthouse lawn in the middle of the 19th Century Town Square.

Why a pig? Back in the 1840s squealing pigs gathered under the floor of the original rustic courthouse made such a ruckus that the judge couldn't hear Mr. Lincoln argue a case. A bemused Lincoln then requested a Writ of Quietas which is portrayed by the statue.


Above is the picture of Mr. Lincoln's bust at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, our state capital.  See how the finish is worn off his nose?

This is because so many people touch it to make a wish or simply to have good luck.

Well, here's a secret for you ...our pig's nose has the same magical powers.

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Taylorville is proud to be the LAST STOP on Mr. Lincoln's circuit!

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This is part of our statue of Mr. Lincoln, one of the rare tributes to his sense of humor. When you come to Taylorville, be sure to visit this statue and rub Liberty the Bronze Pig's nose for good luck...it works! Just look at me...once I touched the magic snout, I went from living on the lam to living high on the hog!  Liberty, the statue, is my namesake!

As a homeless piglet on the run, my first stop downtown was the Christian County Courthouse, built in 1902.

Our town's crown jewel, the courthouse is adorned with a newly revealed interior stained glass dome, ornate rotunda and East Wing Lincoln museum.  Step inside and look around!

In 1839, our county's original courthouse was built on the site of our current courthouse. Twice a year for 20 years, Mr. Lincoln spent two or three months riding the old Eighth Judicial Circuit on horseback or in a carriage. Accompanied by a judge and other lawyers, he traveled 450 miles on dirt roads from county seat to county seat. The Taylorville Courthouse pictured here was "The Last Stop" before Mr. Lincoln went home to his family and law office in Springfield.

Available Now! THE BIG SQUEAL

Pssst! Keep this under your hat, but I've written my story and my mistress put the final touches on it. Now that it is published, I am  REALLY  the second most famous pig in Taylorville....

My book is called THE BIG SQUEAL with all proceeds going for restoration of the once-opulent courtroom in the courthouse on the square. It now is covered by drab paneling and a false ceiling.  So I am a philanthropic pig!

For your inscribed copy of THE BIG SQUEAL

 Call my mistress at 217 824 2194

Former Christian County Board Chairman John C. Curtin knows the magic in touching the pig's nose!

Rumor has it that Mayor Greg Brotherton touched the nose BEFORE the election...but we don't have confirmation of that!


 "a day in the life" of Liberty the Pig in an exclusive slide show below.

I'm ready for my close-up!


“In Hog Heaven” heralded a Page One story in my favorite newspaper after I finally found a home.



Legendary political journalist Mike Lawrence and his wife Marianne rub Liberty the Pig's nose for good luck during a recent visit to Taylorville.



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