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Samuel Park


Samuel Park is one of the busiest people in Oak Tree Books. He is responsible for managing all sectors and departments.

Samuel joined Oak Tree Books back in 2016, when our team was too big to be self managed. We needed someone to take care of each department and give people the right jobs. So far, he has done an amazing job.
I am proud to be part of an innovative team that grows day by day.

Mary McMahon

Customer service

Mary McMahon is the first person you interact with – usually by phone or face to face, depending on what you choose.

Mary has joined Oak Tree Books in the summer of 2014. We were still a small company back then, but we obviously needed someone to interact with our new writers and establish some connections. Today, she is still doing it in the most professional manner.

I never thought this company would grow so big and I am happy to be on board.

Michael Thompson


Michael Thompson is an author. He joined Oak Tree Books as an author seeking help for his books, which he received right away.

We cannot really tell how he got stuck to us, but we are happy about it. Apart from his personal projects, he also works with us on a full time basis. He guides authors and represents a first contact point for those who need guidance.

To me, Oak Tree Books is an opportunity to keep growing. Thank you.

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