Few Good Reasons For Choosing Nicotine-Free Juice

    Few Good Reasons For Choosing Nicotine-Free Juice

    Most people usually switch to vaping in order to quit smoking and initially they will prefer vape juice with nicotine flavor so that they do not miss their smoking habit. However, once they get used to vaping as an alternate, they can slowly reduce nicotine.

    Best part of vaping is that you can choose nicotine strength as you prefer and also zero nicotine can also be an option. Usually, many vapers start vaping with the objective of reducing nicotine level and finally reaches zero level.

    There are a number of reasons to go for vape juice without any nicotine. Following are few of them.

    1. Zero nicotine e-juice usually is non-toxic

    Non-nicotine vape juice will not pose any threat and also is non-toxic to all humans. For other e-juice, you need to keep out of reach of pets and children. There are many online stores from where you can purchase zero nicotine e-juices. One of the best online vape shops to buy premium quality vape juice like vapetasia, jam monster, and candy king is eliquid-depot.com.

    1. No addiction risks

    You will not find any addictive substance in the e-juice with zero nicotine. If nicotine is an addictive substance, then it was not like non-nicotine vape juice where nicotine has been removed.

    In fact, it was never present there to start with. It is just another optional ingredient that was introduced.

    1. It will not show on nicotine test

    Sometimes employers and insurance companies want to perform nicotine test for new hires. Nicotine patches, gum, vaping, or tobacco all contain nicotine.

    With zero nicotine, there will be no issue if you continue vaping and you need not wait to get clean for your nicotine test.

    1. You can still vape with nicotine break

    Often nicotine users may accidentally go overboard especially when they are just trying to learn their limit. It is not really a comfortable feeling. Sometimes it can make you lethargic, a buzz, speedy or sick.

    However, often you still like to vape, even in case your body may be saying no to more nicotine.

    1. Much smoother on your throat

    Nicotine-free vape juice will be smooth and hardly can be felt when it is going down. Users can always enjoy the warmth, flavor and may still blow out lots of clouds, but without nicotine sensation tickling as well as irritating the throat.

    1. Can do many tricks and blow clouds

    Mostly smokers and also vapers have tried creating smoke rings that is the oldest trick that every smoker or vaper has tried at least once.

    That is equally true for people who want to blow out big clouds by using vape juiceof zero nicotine too. You may often find people on YouTube and Instagram performing certain crazy feats by using vapor.

    1. Zero-nicotine vape juice will be drug-free

    There is no doubt that nicotine is a kind of drug. It can have both physiological as well as psychological effects on the vaper which is not just about addiction. Though severity of the effect of nicotine is often debatable and sometimes exaggerated too.

    However, some of the real users often have certain side effects.

    However, if you like to vape but simply don’t wish to use drug then you can go ahead with zero nicotine type of vape juice.

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