Murder, by D. R. Ransdell

An alluring woman, a guilty conscience, and a mariachi band in jeopardy add up to Mariachi Murder!

Andy Veracruz is the leader of a mariachi band in Southern California, but when his boss goes out of town, the restaurant turns to chaos. The enticing Yiolanda tempts him even though he knows she’s a troublemaker. When she’s accused of murder, he’s not sure whether to help her or to run the other way. Worse still, Andy's normally tranquil Squid Bay has been trapped in heat, and not even dips in the Pacific can do enough to cool the violinist off.

The more Andy learns, the more trouble he gets himself into. He's a sleuth only by accident. He would much rather spend afternoons working on new songs. Instead he has no choice but to spend sleepless nights walking around town and practice the art of breaking and entering. He goes to his brother for advice, but unfortunately, he doesn’t listen!

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