Ichabod Wolfe, by Frank Fiordalisi 

"Frank Fiordalisi has written a wonderful book, a page-turner, filled with surprise and a deep understanding of the human condition."

--Rick Sapp, author of the "Great Uncle" series

 Don’t let the title or the vibrantly rendered 1860s Kansas setting fool you, Ichabod Wolfe is more than western or a detective thriller. Frank Fiordalisi vividly delivers the tale of one good man, from boyhood into middle-age, in a time before law and order was the order of the land.  Ichabod Wolfe is a character who will stay with you for a long time, a quietly smart man who keeps his head—and his heart—in the face of perversity and corruption, an investigator in the time before the certainties of fingerprints and DNA.   A good yarn, a trial of justice, well told.        

  --Rhonda Riley, author of  Adam Hope

 Ichabod Wolfe doesn't fit the stereotype of an Old West lawman. Forensic law ahead of its time in the Wild Wild West!

--Bonnie Ogle, author of Arthur the Arthropod


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