I Saw You in Beirut, by J. L. Greger

 In Saw You in Beirut, F, a mysterious source of leaks on the Iranian nuclear industry, sends an email from Tabriz. “Help. Contact Almquist.” As Sara Almquist is drawn into the plan to identify and rescue F from Iran, she is forced to remember and re-evaluate characters from her student  days at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and from her career as a globe-trotting epidemiologist. Which of her past decisions put her in jeopardy? Or is her current friendship with Sanders, an urbane state department official, the real reason she’s being attacked?

* * *

“Nonstop suspense flavored with cultural and scientific facts. I read it in record time and am looking forward to the next installment.” —Susan Fox, PhD. Nurse

“Masterfully written tale of suspense. Intriguing and believable. Greger displays her depth of medical and scientific knowledge with polished writing skills.”

—David Cropp, writer

“Compelling story, filled with Middle East insights that can only come from first-hand experience. An international mystery that weaves elements of thriller, romance, and  history in a fast-paced, twist-filled plot written against the backdrop of today’s headlines.”— Virgil Alexander, award-winning author


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