A Crushing Death by F. M. Meredith

In the 12th Rocky Bluff P. D. novel….
A pile of rocks is found on a dead body beneath the condemned pier, a teacher is accused of molesting a student, the new police chief is threatened by someone she once arrested for violent attacks on women, and Officer Milligan’s teenage daughter has a problem.

“…I've followed F.M. Meredith's Rocky Bluff PD series for a while now, and as one does in a good series, I've become rather fond of the characters who populate this small police department. They're now a literary ‘family’ I like catching up with regularly, and I haven't been disappointed. Besides the ‘family comfort’ feeling I derive from F. M.'s books, she always tells a good story….” —M. M. Gornell
“… I think I would enjoy visiting Rocky Bluff and talking to the people…” —Rose Arbor
“…This story has something for everyone; mystery, romance, relationships, police procedures and even some paranormal elements. This was my first visit to Rocky Bluff and I cannot wait to visit again and again, having come to this series late I can only be thankful that I can now binge on all the previous books and countdown until the next one is available. I'm excited to get all the background stories for all the fascinating people I met in this story. I highly recommend reading this one as it will not disappoint anyone with a love for crime dramas and fascinating characters.”—Night Owl Reviews  (Violent Departures)


Perfect $8.00