A Fox with Earrings, by Loyd Little

What's a little MURDER among friends? 

NOLAN CHASTAIN is three months into a consuming affair with CASS TOLLEY, a woman he’s known and been fascinated with for more than a decade. It is not the sort of thing Nolan is used to. Frankly, he’s a little reserved and formal. Divorced two years ago, Nolan owns a small but upscale real estate firm in Augusta, Ga.  

On Friday, after the first day of showing million dollar homes to a    recently retired Air Force general and his wife, Nolan arrives at Cass’s home to find police cars and blue lights―Cass has been shot and killed. 

Clues are sparse. No sign of breaking and entering or of a struggle. TY MARION, chief of detectives and a college friend of Nolan’s questions him. Going into the house, they pass a stuffed fox that Cass had picked up from the taxidermist two days earlier.  For fun, she and Nolan had pinned a pair of her mother’s earrings on the fox. 

Clearly, the police suspect NOLAN, and he realizes he must discover the actual killer before the scandal taints his business and the police charge him with murder.

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