Author Reichenberg, BerylBeryl Reichenberg

I have been an artist for many years living in California. In the past seven years, I have been writing and illustrating children's stories for young children up to age eight. Since then, I have written over 35 titles, illustrating them with my drawings and photographs, depending on the story line. Some illustrations were prepared by artists Gini Griffin and Babette Girard and a ten year old, Elise Hudson.

Some of these stories are in prose and some in verse; some are fiction and others nonfiction. I now have five commercially published children's books: Ants on a Log, Camouflage and The Mysterious Case of the Missing Birthday Cake, When Caterpillars Dream and Butterfly Girls. All of these books are available from or from Oak Tree Press. I have recently published three new books including Squiggles, Hopping to the Moon and I'm a City Bear. I have  from UCLA and taught school in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. Currently, I am retired, devoting full time to writing and art. I hope you enjoy my books as much as I enjoy creating them and will join me on my website.

Ants on a Log
Concerned that Jack the Rabbit won't eat his vegetables, his mother tries everything she can think of to get him to eat his "greens"...[read more]
Butterfly Girls
How does a Monarch butterfly teach two young girls to fly?...[read more]
How do animals hide, camouflage and protect themselves in the wild? This interactive book, encourages...[read more]
Clowing Around
This is the story of Charlie, a young clown fish who delights in performing antics for the children who come to...[read more]
When Caterpillars Dream
What do caterpillars dream about while they are in their chrysalis becoming butterflies?...[read more]
The Mysterious Case of the Missing Birthday Cake
Who took Freda Frog's birthday cake and how did she and her friends find the thief?...[read more]