Author vande Steeg, Albert

About the Author Albert vande Steeg was born in the Netherlands at the beginning of the Nazi occupation of Holland during World War II. Suffering deprivation of food, freedom and justice during those formative years created a keen sense of justice and desire to provide justice to all who wish for a fair shake in life. At age twenty four he joined the Chino, California Police Department as a reserve officer. He then served the City of Ontario for fourteen years; six in patrol and seven as a detective and one year as a training officer. His work in the Detective bureau uncovered corruption and revealed how politics affect law enforcement. He served eight years on the Board of the Ontario Police Officer’s Association, seven as president. He was very active in politics and serving the needs of the membership. This earned him the moniker “the Policeman’s Pal.” He and his wife host the annual retiree party, for anyone who worked at the Ontario Police Department and helped develop the Ontario Police Museum, currently serving on that board.


The Black Band
The half inch wide black velvet band that is placed around the Peace Officer’s badge...[read more]