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Here at Oak Tree Books, we aim to keep the reading spirit alive. We know that we live in an age of technology, but we strongly believe that the old fashioned way to read books will never go away, so we keep doing it.

To be fully adapted to the current digital age, we also release our products in a digital format. There are lots of people who would rather read a book on a tablet or another electronic device – we cover everyone's needs.

Few facts about us

  • Fastest growing publishing house in the USA in 2018
  • We doubled up our releases with every new year
  • We provide a full service – from design to marketing
  • Every service we provide is included in the price
  • We will publish anything with personal purposes
  • We are selective on business projects

Few frequently asked questions


1What is the easiest way to get published with you?

However, the easiest way to get published involves seeking representation from a recognized literary agent. These agents are everywhere and when dealing with us, they come as priorities. All of our big publishing projects have been acquired through such agents. Research the market and choose a reputable name.

2Do you have any advice for writers?

On another note, being represented by a literary agent will make things easier for you. Literary agents have their own terms and conditions. In other words, you will need to consider their requirements before reaching to us. We know it is more daunting for you, but we have so many requests that it would take too long for you to wait.

3How can I submit my poetry for your consideration?

It is important to know that our poetry projects are relatively small – we publish just under 500 poetry books a year. At the same time, we only consider poetry in English. Before submitting your work, you might want to check some of our previous releases. It will help you get an idea about what kind of poetry we publish.

4I have a media request about a book, what can I do?

Whether you want to request a copy of a book that you can no longer find, get an early copy for a review or simply get an interview with the author, you can contact us directly and we will sort you out in no time. If you already have the book, you can also check the small details on the back cover – full details on how to contact us.

Mark Heimann


Mark Heimann is the name responsible for the constant growth of Oak Tree Books.

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