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    http://tucsonfestivalofbooks.org/?mid=71Hello and thanks for visiting our website! Oak Tree Press is a small book publishing company currently located in California's heartland. We have been in business for numerous years, published over 300 titles, and more still to come! Our updated website has new features such as the author roster, individualized book pages, contact page, and much more! We hope y'all enjoy what you see. Stay updated with our social media and keep on reading!

    Recent Book Contest Winners

    My Divinely Decadent Duke, by Sandra Masters McCart, is a historical romance, not a Dark Oak Mystery, but it is well-written and has a nice thriller feel, especially the second half of the book.  I also think with the book series Outlander, a historical romance series, making it so big right on cable, this could be a great seller with a ready made audience.

    Member from Devon, by Bruce Graham, is the best written novel of the entries. Smart and sophisticated with an interesting setting and a thriller like feel.